Enable, coordinate and articulate actions between the multiple actors from economic, institutional and/or academic activities, connected directly or indirectly to the purposes of the PCI Strategy;


Promote, recommend and implement Public Policies, actions, programs and measures that contribute to the objectives of the PCI Strategy;


Identify opportunities for fund raising from donors and public and private investors, both national and foreign;


Manage and monitor programs, projects and their resources within the scope of the PCI Strategy, either alone or in collaboration with other public or private institutions;


Develop standards, indicators and procedures for the management, generation and sustainable production of environmental assets, certification, through platforms, databases or physical or electronic records, aiming at transparency, traceability and compliance;


The PCI Institute aims to:

I - Provide strategic resources for the expansion and increase of the sustainable efficiency of agricultural and forestry production, as well as for the conservation of the remnants of native vegetation;
II - Assist in the restoration of environmental liabilities;
III - Contribute to the socioeconomic inclusion of family farmers and traditional populations;
IV - Support the implementation of programs, projects and other public and private initiatives, supplying, enabling or providing human, technical, material and financial resources and resources for research and development, for its execution, whether originating in-house or not;
V - To promote and participate in partnerships with Government bodies, Civil Society and with the private sector, in the development of its activities;
VI - Contribute, within the framework of sustainable development and fair trade to the development of public and private initiatives that promote social development, generate jobs and income and fairly and equitably share benefits for the sectors of agriculture, livestock, forests, family farming and local or traditional populations;
VII - Foster innovative programs and projects, test models and participatory and multidisciplinary methodologies;
VIII - Promote networks of opportunities among its Associates, as well as keep them informed about trends related to the sectors of agriculture, livestock, forests, family farming and local or traditional populations;
IX - Generate and disseminate information, prepare studies and analysis, monitor, supervise, as well as recommend priority actions, strategies and public policies in its field of action, considering the points of view of its partners and interest groups associated with its mission;
X -Implement or support programs, projects or actions, whether national or international, on climate change, mitigation and adaptation, on the promotion of research and study activities, on technological innovation, on technical exchange, as well as on the training of human resources, it may even provide scholarships as well as study and research grants;
XI - Organize committees, commissions and study groups, promote events, seminars and lectures, participate and contribute to events and studies related to the improvement of legislation on agricultural production, livestock, forestry and environmental conservation, aiming at sustainable economic development and harmonization between production and conservation, and the use of innovative production and conservation technologies.


The Produce, Conserve and Include Institute, also known by its acronym PCI was founded on March 15, 2019, as a non-profit private law organization.
During the second half of 2018, the institutions pertaining to each category represented on the PCI Strategy’s State Committee were invited to participate in the foundation of this Organization. The following institutions gathered to create the Institute, becoming its founding members:

Organizations that are part of the PCI Strategy’s State Committee:




ONF Brasil
Fundação Mato Grosso

Aliança da Terra
Instituto Socio Ambiental
Amigos da Terra
Ação Verde

Richard Smith
PCI Institute Executive Director

Richard has a degree in sanitary and environmental engineering with a master's degree in environmental engineering and solid experience in project management with the themes of agronomy, sustainable agricultural production, climate change, international relations, forest restoration, family farming, indigenous people agendas, among other topics.

More than 15 years of experience in fundraising and managing projects and teams as a senior analyst, international consultant (Environmental Defense Fund), regional coordinator in Mato Grosso (IPAM) and Executive Director (PCI Institute). Proven experience in action planning, implementation of financial mechanisms for forest protection (CONSERV / IPAM), management and accountability to international donors (NORAD, Consumer Goods Forum, Soft Commodities Forum, Land Innovation Fund, among others).

Responsible for presentations in international forums with high level of the government of MT at COPs and other international events.

Extensive knowledge and practical experience on REDD+ systems, ICAO/CORSIA, PES mechanisms, UNFCCC international negotiations, especially in Article 6, protected areas, sustainable production of commodities and related topics.

Experience and effectiveness recognized in governance coordination of multisectoral forums, such as Rio Food Vision, the largest initiative in Brazil at the time for the sustainable supply of food in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Coordinator of the PCI Corporate Action Group for the mobilisation and engagement of large size companies in the PCI strategy. Implementation of the regionalization of the PCI strategy in Western Mato Grosso, structuring governance at the regional and local level, in line with state governance, in addition to raising more than US$ 5 million in 2022/23 to carry out actions in the MT landscape. Participation in PCI's Investment and Monitoring Committees.

PCI Office

Rua C, s/n 
Centro Político Administrativo
Cuiabá - MT
CEP 78049-913


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