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Sustainable development

Produce, Conserve and Include

PCI's vision for Mato Grosso is to achieve social and economic development through sustainable land use


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Monitoring Dashboard

The PCI Monitor website reports on the state's progress toward PCI goals and implementation of a statewide sustainable strategy..

Produce, Conserve and Include
Monitoring of PCI actions

The progress of the PCI Strategy actions can be assessed through indicators of the forest, agricultural production and social indicators of Mato Grosso in recent years with a focus on goals divided into the three basic axes.

Mato Grosso

Targets to reconcile low-carbon production with environmental conservation

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Corporate Actions

Opportunity for companies to connect to PCI and learn about local projects

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Regional Compacts

Customized strategies according to the different regions of Mato Grosso

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Monitoring Platform

Monitoring the progress of the PCI Strategy

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